Losing Sight of Women’s Rights: article for Scottish Affairs

This post brings together material relating to Losing Sight of Women’s Rights: the unregulated introduction of gender self-identification as a case study of policy capture in Scotland, available here (open access) in Scottish Affairs Vol 28 (3). Authors’ statement We share the view of Professors Cordelia Fine, Peter Singer and others, that the definition and interpretation of “sex” and “gender” in … Continue reading Losing Sight of Women’s Rights: article for Scottish Affairs

Q&A on the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill

The Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill will set an important precedent for how sex (biological or legal) is understood as a policy and legal category in Scotland, and carries significant implications for the future operation of the Equality Act 2010 (see here). Decision-making on the sex question in the 2021 census is also likely to set … Continue reading Q&A on the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill

Where next for the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill?

This note reflects on the arguments put forward during Stage 1 of the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill and the choices facing the Committee at this stage. [Numbers in brackets refer to notes at the end.] Background The Bill has been introduced to change the law so that the 2021 census[i] in Scotland can include new, … Continue reading Where next for the Census (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill?