Established in late 2018, MurrayBlackburnMackenzie is an independent policy analysis collective, made up of Dr Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie. Between us, we have extensive experience in policy-making, research and communications. We are Edinburgh based, and work in both a voluntary and commissioned capacity.

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If policy is to be based on evidence, then the evidence has to be as independent of ideological points of view as is possible. MBM Scottish policy analysis
has an admirable record of trying to achieve that.”
Lindsay Paterson, Professor of Education Policy
University of Edinburgh

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ForWomenScotland legal challenge to Gender Representation on Public Boards Act: putting the case in context

ForWomenScotland (FWS) announced earlier this week that they are seeking leave to appeal against the judgement in their case against the Scottish Government. Just as the Scottish Parliament went into recess for the election, Lady Wise found that the Scottish…

MBM review of the ONS paper ‘Methodology for decision making on the 2021 Census sex question concept and associated guidance’

MBM review of the ONS paper ‘Methodology for decision making on the 2021 Census sex question concept and associated guidance’ Less than six weeks before the date of the 2021 census in England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics…

The thin blue line: What inadequate protection for freedom of expression means in practice

This blog summarises why the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill needs to provide clearer protection for freedom of expression than is currently proposed by the Scottish Government. Some commentators have suggested that the Bill will criminalise making basic…

Response to emergency consultation on protection of freedom of expression in the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill

Our response to the Justice Committee’s emergency consultation on freedom of expression in Bill is provided below. A PDF version of the briefing can be downloaded here. The Issue Our concern is whether the law will provide a clear point…