MBM Policy Analysis

Established in late 2018, MurrayBlackburnMackenzie is an independent policy analysis collective, made up of Dr Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie. Between us, we have extensive experience in policy-making, research and communications.

We are Edinburgh-based, and work in both a voluntary and commissioned capacity.

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Stephen Daisley, The Spectator

“a policy analysis outfit whose principals boast extensive scholarship and years of experience inside the civil service”

Joanna Cherry MP QC, Scottish National Party

“MBM’s forensic analysis is an antidote to the no debate culture, and their work a major contribution to the debate about an area of human rights which has become a flashpoint in recent years.”

Johann Lamont, former MSP and leader, Scottish Labour

“Thoughtful, respectful, rational, compassionate and informative. So important when others demand ‘no debate’. I cannot overstate my respect for and awareness of the importance of this voluntary commitment to women and girls.”

Liam Kerr MSP, Scottish Conservatives

“MBM were very helpful to MSPs during a number of debates in the last parliament. There’s never any shortage of research, analysis and material for MSPs to go through when preparing for debates and legislation. So content that is incisive and authoritative is important, and that’s what MBM provided.”

Francis Wheen, Journalist and broadcaster

“This is such important work. Rigorous, detailed, evidence-based analysis is desperately needed as an antidote to toxic shouting-down and vacuous sloganeering on Twitter. The hardline shouters-down will shut their ears, of course, but many other people (including those in public office) will find it increasingly hard to ignore the reality that this project will reveal.”

Professor Lindsay Paterson, University of Edinburgh

“If policy is to be based on evidence, then the evidence has to be as independent of ideological points of view as is possible. MBM Scottish policy analysis has an admirable record of trying to achieve that.”