For the first year after we formed, all of the research and analysis we undertook was done on an unpaid basis, fitted around our other work, study and family commitments.

Since September 2019, we have raised some funds to support our work via a number of crowdfunders. We have raised a total of £47,700 across four crowdfunders (£44,720.08 after fees). We also receive donations via PayPal.

For the last two years, therefore, some of the time we have spent on our research and analysis work has been financially supported by these generous donations. We allocate the work between us based on our individual availability, paying ourselves an hourly rate of £15 for the hours that we claim.

DateCrowdfunderAmount raisedNumber of supportersAverage donation
September 2019GRA reform£8,780293£29.97
May 2020Hate crime£3,455102£33.87
November 2020General£14,500416£34.86
June 2021General£20,965669£31.34

19 August 2021