MBM supplementary note on the Gender Recognition Reform Bill to EHRCJ Committee

Following the conclusion of the oral evidence sessions on the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, we wrote to the Equality, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee to provide supplementary material we hoped would be helpful to the Committee as it prepares its Stage 1 report. The letter was in three parts.

  •   Part 1 followed the discussion at committee attended on our behalf by Lucy Hunter Blackburn on 31 May, to clarify and emphasise points made in oral evidence. We had already forwarded separately to the Committee details of two articles mentioned at the hearing, on Denmark and Norway.
  •   Part 2 highlighted other areas of concern, either not considered by the Committee or only partially considered during the oral evidence sessions.
  •   Part 3 addressed further points made in evidence by other witnesses.

The letter can be read here. Our original submission to the Committee can be read here.