2017 UK general election party manifesto commitments on GRA reform

elizabeth tower

Conservative Party

There is no reference in the 2017 Manifesto to reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

Other references to transgender rights:

We will push forward with our plan for tackling hate crime committed on the basis of religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity.”

Liberal Democrats

The 2017 Manifesto states that a Liberal Democrat Government will:

Extend protection of gender reassignment in equality law to explicitly cover gender identity and expression, and streamline and simplify the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to allow individuals to change their legal gender without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, for example the intrusive medical tests currently required.

Other references to transgender rights:

Ensure that trans prisoners are placed in prisons that reflect their gender identity, rather than their birth gender.”

Offer asylum to people fleeing countries where their sexual orientation or gender identification means that they risk imprisonment, torture or execution, and stop deporting people at risk to such countries.”


The 2017 Manifesto states that:

A Labour government will reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act 2010 to ensure they protect Trans people by changing the protected characteristic of ‘gender assignment’ to ‘gender identity’ and remove other outdated language such as ‘transsexual’.”

Scottish National Party

The 2017 Manifesto states that:

The SNP Scottish Government is committed to reviewing and reforming gender recognition laws, in line with international best practice. SNP MPs will press the UK government to match the Scottish Government’s commitment to legislation within this parliament.”

Other references to transgender rights:

We will work to ensure that there is as much support as possible for disabled people, and people of all classes, races and gender identities to stand for election to the House of Commons.”

There needs to be reform to the detention and asylum system for LGBTI individuals escaping countries where homosexuality is still criminalised, removing unfair and invasive demands for ‘proof’ of sexuality or gender identity.

Green Party (England and Wales)

There is no reference to reform of the Gender Recognition Act in the 2017 Manifesto.